The detailed drawing illustration on how to draw ears of cats

One work of art that does not die and is the start of many people to have their own dream job or just practice their passion even if it is not their main job is drawing. It has the calming effect on other people that they just find themselves drawing anything so they could relax and be at ease. That is why the techniques and illustration can be provided for those who are starting to like drawing if the quality and correctness is important.

You have seen the different illustration on how to draw an ear of a different breed of cats. The first pet that is present in houses as surveyed in America is cats. Their number is higher than the one who has the title as the best friend of man. So I have included in this website also how to draw their ears as many are into drawing but sometimes detailed is what matters most to other people so you can follow this guide for your ear perfect drawing of a cat.

The mistakes that are made are pointed out and the suggestions or recommendations are given so that you would know what would you do to make your drawing realistic. As there is a different breed of cats so there are also different kinds that you can practice to get it right. The shape, the fold, the fur and much more should be considered to know and to see the very nice and precise output.