Dog anatomy 101: The essential basic requirement to draw a realistic dog

If you want to draw a dog that is realistic and correct in details then it’s recommended that you should first learn the dog anatomy. It’s because you can foresee or imagine what would be the correct position of the body parts like ears, skin, eyes and many more. As there are bones and body parts that are located in the skin then you should know them so you can have a guide and idea what should be the look in accordance with the position.

The above infographic is the dog anatomy illustration. The different body parts of it are labeled. It was shortly shown through the images how knowledge on the dog’s body part is important. It just proves that dog anatomy is a basic but very essential to learn when you want to draw a realistic dog even if it is sitting, barking, on the move, and much more. The complete body part of a dog is shown and tips are given on how to draw it. See beauty tips and health info from this beauty company. You can go into this site for more info. This is a great and a good company to help you.

One more infographic also presents how a dog is drawn. The last one has a total of thirteen steps to finish. The technique is to start somewhere like the other techniques in drawing. The head is drawn first and then other body parts are added. It also looks very easy so you can practice it and you can do the other variations that are also part of the infographic. There are three of it that you can see in the bottom part.