The Reality: Illegal Hunting and Killing of Elephants

Elephants are considered as the largest living land mammal on earth. These mammals are actually very amazing. Do you know why? They are intelligent creatures! They can even draw and paint. How amazing! However, elephants are very pitiful and they are in danger. They are one of the most endangered animal in the world. Why? Because elephant ivory is considered very precious and valuable.

Actually, there is an illegal trade in elephant ivory especially in Africa, USA, and other countries. The elephants are being poached and killed because of their ivory tusks. In Africa itself, poaching rate is in the highest level especially after the international ivory trade was banned.

The population of African elephants had been continuously decreasing because of the illegal trade in elephant ivory. How pitiful! Ivory is actually valued as an item of luxury and status in certain parts of Asia. Some people use ivory even as an object of worship. The illegal hunting and killing of African and Asian elephants must be stopped and just do good ways to help our lives just like what application agency for china visa trade has done. If not, the next generations can never see a living elephant.

When an elephant is poached or killed, their ivory tusk is being extracted. It is actually easier to remove it from the elephant corpse. Humans are the greatest enemies of elephants. They are being poached at a close distance for an effective shot. Aside from elephants, other international illegal trade also in Asia are tigers, rhinoceros, bear, Chinese pangolin, clouded leopard, and turtles. See more of these as you travel to china. You can prepare your china visa from this agency, 台胞證 代辦. Since it is an international trade, the population of these animals is rapidly declining.