The Ticks and the Danger it could bring to Humans and Animals

Parasites are very dangerous to humans and animals. There are different types of parasites. One of the most dangerous parasites are the ticks. These are small arachnids. Though they are tiny organisms, they bring harm to all living creatures especially to humans and animals. How do they bring harm? In order to survive, these arachnids feed on blood. They can transmit diseases through blood. If you were bitten by this tiny parasite, you can actually know because there are symptoms. Ticks are usually found in dogs and cats.

In the infographic above, you can see about the life cycle of a tick. During spring and summer, the eggs of ticks hatch. The eggs becomes larvae and then transform into nymphs anchor 淨麗美清潔服務. Once these tiny creature transform into nymph, it becomes the most dangerous stage because it can transmit disease-causing organisms to humans and to wild or domestic animals.

When the nymphs become adult ticks, the female ticks feed on the blood of deer and other large mammals. After feeding themselves, they find their mate and lay eggs. After these process, they finally reach their end which is death. Adult female ticks feed on blood but male blacklegged ticks just attach themselves to a host and wait for their mate. The difference between the male and female ticks is that, male ticks don’t feed on blood.

So, when ticks attach themselves to your pet, that would be dangerous. Remember that ticks can also feed on man’s blood and can transmit disease-causing bacteria. So you better have this house cleaning company to clean your home well, see this Asian site of them 居家. When your pet play outdoors, you have to carefully check if some ticks are attached to it.